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Over more than thirty years in practice I have supplied empathetic support to my patients.  With nearly all my patients I have been successful in developing a closeness that has been the basis of a relationship in which all feelings can be openly and safely expressed, discussed and understood.


While in session with my patient my attention is wholly dedicated to her.  At the same time that I am putting myself in her mental and emotional situation I do so from a background of my professional training and experience, thus guiding her forward to new insights about her situation and ultimately bringing about changes that allow my patient to see herself and the world around her in a new, happier, and more productive way.

My patients come from all walks of life: students, professors, professionals, executives, homemakers, couples...  They are all special to me.

My patients are also with me outside of the formal therapeutic setting as I go about my day. While this can often be painful I also derive a lot of satisfaction from seeing the progress they are making in improving their lives.  This is especially so because I am confident that the changes that develop are not temporary and short lived, but rather fundamental and stable for the rest of their lives.

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